1. joe

    Sexiest man alive in the 80s meets douchiest dipshit alive in the 10s.

  2. EricLR

    His mustache alone has gotten laid more than Mario.

  3. Mario: “So you just pick whichever one you want to fuck?”
    Tom: “No. No Mario, I don’t. My mustache does.”

  4. fred

    “Yes i color my hair, and no i haven’t shaved my mustache in 30 years. Now shut the fuck up Paco before i squish you like the insect you are.”

  5. I want to kick both of them in the nuts.

  6. The Soup Her Facial

    Fucking right, this fight will be better than when Zach fought Slater.

  7. “yes, Mario, you shit stain, of course I fucked your mother.”

  8. crb

    “DUUuuDe! Your ‘stache is bigger than my en-tire c**k!”

  9. “Where’s that Menounos chick you little twerp ?”

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