1. EricLR

    Looks like Dinklage didn’t appreciate the TSA agent asking if they were off to see the Wizard.

  2. Inner Retard

    Hey, my eyes are down here!!

  3. “Madam, this child MUST be accompanied at all times. And frankly I find it cruel that you make him haul your luggage”

  4. Little Tongue

    “Excuse me, Mister Officer, we’re looking for Yellow Brick Road.”

  5. “You’re dating her? Thanks interesting, because the birth certificate her mom has here says she’s four. Now, Mr. Dinklage, have you been drinking?”

  6. “Ma’am, hold on, I’m confused. Now tell me again, which one is your husband and which one is your son?”

  7. Just a short trip probably.

  8. “That is NOT a carry on…that is my husband!”

  9. cc

    I’m sorry, did you say ‘Get back in the stroller.’?

  10. “Do we have a little problem?”

  11. Bonky

    Seriously, these are his papers, he’s not my son, he’s my husband.

  12. “Ask me again if I lost my mommy, and I will bitch slap you like Joffrey!”

  13. John Cocktosen

    You forgot the Cuba Gooding tag.

    Just sayin’.

  14. Dinklage is totally lifting that dudes wallet.

  15. Don’t hit “view full size” it’s a lie, he’s still small.

  16. MerryJaguire

    Cuba Gooding Jr is asking them to show him the money.

  17. Dinklage so wants that guys cap.

  18. Ma’am, I told you…he doesn’t need a boarding pass if he’s riding in your lap.

  19. Dinklage should man-up and hold his kid once and a while. Just saying…

  20. “Ma’am, I don’t care if your papers say you’re official representatives of ‘The Lollipop Guild’, you still have to pass through security’.

  21. “‘Bout to toss a midget and you botherin’ me with a gotdamn boarding pass?”

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