1. Josephus

    I guess it was Take Your Wife and Daughter to Work Day at Hugo Boss.

  2. Her evil eye has already melted the left side of his face. She’s strong.

  3. Mcdoubler

    “One of these days..you’re gonna fall and break a hip and I’ll finally escape!”

  4. EricLR

    This is the part where he breaks through the fourth wall, talks to the camera, and admits that it may have been a mistake letting her take karate classes.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    “I know she’s not much to look at now, but you had to see her when she was 11.”

    (and yes, typing that did make me sick.)

  6. Me love you long enough already…

    • you should be invited as a commentator for award shows, then people would actually watch.

      • I’m not sure what network would want to be affiliated with my particular flavor of misogyny, misanthropy, sexism, agism, and mild racism (just a touch), but hey if they’ll write me a check, I’ll show up.

        Or if there’s a buffet.

  7. “If I let her go, she runs. That used to be such a huge turn-on, but now, it just makes me tired. Really, really tired.”

  8. journalschism

    Asian Allison Pill.

  9. George P Burdell

    Do you think they will every adopt a child?

  10. Cock Dr

    Well it looks like it all turned out as it should. Mia Farrow was freed from growing old with him; he gets to grow old with this one.
    You can see their happiness….it is practically palpable.

  11. He looks more Asian than her.

  12. This picture doesn’t even need jokes to be funny.

  13. More like the My Lai Marriage.

  14. rican

    Who’s your daddy?

  15. hkaj

    All she’s thinking is this had better be a stroke for real this time.

  16. crb

    A street artist could to a millimeter-precise photorealistic rendering of Woody, and it would Still look like the most outrageous, post peri-mutilation-style gangbanged and half-shorn chimpanzee scrotum.

  17. Look at that grip he has on her arm, definitely the grip of a abusive controlling child molester type man. He is a sick man.

  18. Waiting till he croaks and she writes Daddy-Hubby dearest.

  19. “Oh no! He doing his Roger Ebert impression again !!!”

  20. alex

    Good for them. Quickly closing in on 20 years of marriage.

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