1. Her handler has to watch her gimbals all day to make sure they don’t get out of whack.

  2. Yes, we see you. Hi Grandma.

  3. He looked down, and there is was, plain as day for all to see, in shiny bright rhinestones, his last name: Faut. He was stunned.
    I thought the trick didn’t work last night, but goddamnit, he said to himself. You’re a fucking wizard, David Blaine. A fucking wizard.

  4. fred

    Way more than 15 pieces of flair.

  5. Cock Dr

    I hope I look as good when I’m 104.

  6. Desperately Seeking Attention

  7. NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: If I ever dare to wear shorts with fishnets after age 70, then I will know senile dementia has set in and I will take that “special little pill” that I keep in my grandmothers locket and go peacefully into that good night. Unless, I forget. Then I’ll just get out my Bedazzled and make a tacky jacket to go with them.

  8. glam

    Love Cher. She can wear anything at any age and look fabulous. I hope I can rock this at her age.

  9. crb

    As if Times-Square hadn’t become space-meltingly incomprehensible enough in the past 7 years,

    Now trannies are skinning its reality and fashioning it into hump-jackets.

  10. Geez Cher, you were too old to wear this in 1982 when it was actually fashionable.

  11. I will give her this, she looks better than Ke$ha.

  12. Man, these wax figures are really getting better all the time.

  13. fred

    Not for nothing, but Cher looked particularly happy to be introduced as the world-wide spokesperson for the new line of super thin Depends.

  14. Brit

    It’s been a long day. Time to head home for a little rest-ylane.

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