1. EricLR

    One is eying the exit, the other is eying a MILF in the front row with huge tits.

  2. This man has had 1 single global initiative since his teenage years…

  3. Mitch

    These two, along with every other politician (Dem and Repub alike) make up the largest organized crime syndicate in the country.

    Run them all out of office.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Berry, you still wanna accept my challenge to a black-off?”
    “Not now, Bill.”
    “My saxophone’s right off stage.”

  5. Cock Dr

    I’m guessing Bubba sees something or someone he’d like to touch.

  6. Clinton needs a thought bubble that reads, “I’ll catch you later, sweet cheeks!”

  7. I thought the movie was supposed to star Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.

  8. blerg

    Still the best Republican president we ever had…

  9. The Soup Her Facial

    “Shut up, Barry, and check out the pair at 2 o’clock…”

  10. “Mr Clinton has expressed to me that he likes to have a ‘hands on’ association with the members of his organization… Ladies first.”

  11. homeless man

    It’s true what they say about black dicks…

  12. “I’m sorry, but why is this black man standing next to me?”

  13. “Mmmmm. Sasha should be legal age about now”

  14. Tiggles

    “I bet this black guy knows some fat chicks.”

  15. “and that is our plan for fighting global poverty. As far as your other question, ‘where all the white women at’, I’ll defer to my colleague President Clinton’.

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