1. EricLR

    Fuck it, I’ll just drive to the quarry.

  2. Dennis: “Yeah, I ride. Have been for years. Less impact on the joints than running. Feels good, too. Really gives a man…endurance, if you catch my drift. You should come do a 20-miler with me sometime, check it out, and then we could, uh, take in a little steam session in my two-person shower. Whaddaya say?”
    Daughter: “Daddy, who are you talking to?”
    Dennis: “I…no one. No one, okay? Just…just roll up the window. Daddy’s having a moment.”

  3. The Soup Her Facial

    “That’s the last fucking time they call Randy the crazy one…”

  4. PathosAvenger

    First, another Dumb and Dumber movie and now Breaking Away, the Golden Years?

  5. Yeah I did not need to see this photo.

  6. “Quaid get your ass to a gym !”

  7. Expensive bicycle? Check. All the associated clothing – shorts, vest, clacky little shoes? Check. Sunglasses from 1992? Check. Car keys? Check.

    Let’s go biking!

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