1. EricLR

    The funeral home did such a good job with Kirk Douglas.

  2. Is Kirk Douglas still alive?? I don’t mean that as a statement of surprise, I mean someone needs to check.

  3. Josephus

    “Hey Nick?”

    “Yes, Mrs. Douglas?”

    “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

  4. Inner Retard

    Since when does Nick Cannon photobomb pictures of dead people?

  5. Kirk looks better than his son at this point.

  6. “I’ll take a scotch on the rocks, and my wife wants chardonnay. And don’t bring me that watered down shit my kids try to feed me. You fill it to the top, and there’s a shiny new quarter in it for you.”

  7. Looks like Kirk’s whole cranial structure is in a stiff breeze.

  8. journalschism

    Good to see Captain Pike getting out.

  9. Weekend at Kirkie’s.

  10. Anne looks like the mother of Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

  11. martina

    Weekend at Bernie’s come to mind

  12. This is the most unrealistic exhibit that Madame Toussaud’s has ever created!

  13. I thought it was Nancy Reagan. Is she still alive?

  14. Bonky

    This is what happens when you keep hitting the “caricature” button over and over in photoshop.

  15. Stock up on the Twinkies, Woody, the Zombie Apocolypse has begun!

  16. Dude, where's my wife

    I know you like older women, stay the hell away from my wife!

  17. cc

    Won’t be long before we here from Natalie Wood’s descendants.

    • Bruce Lee's Left Pinky

      Fuck that guy. He was the Chris Brown of his era. The way I figure it, he’s owed a ton of shit for getting to skate so easy back in the day, the stroke is just icing.

  18. Beer Baron

    Why won’t this muthafucker die already?!? I’ve had him on my Dead Pool for the last 3 years! Die already Nick Cannon!

  19. I think he needs a wax job.

  20. Cumpooter

    Kind of reminds me of Django Unchained

  21. I’m pretty sure the word “Negro” was worked into the conversation after he walked off.

  22. so they look like this after, what, 4 – 5 hours of prep, make up, wigs etc. I shudder to think of what they could possibly look like before the morticians made the house call.

  23. So Nick Cannon got an early tour of the Batman/Superman set, and in this one they’ll be fighting The Joker and The Stroker?

  24. Mike Walker

    What are you saayying?

  25. Bruce Jenner looks nice in 2 years.

  26. Grace

    Nick is thinking, “I’m scared, Mariah. Come and get me!”

  27. I thought it was Judge Judy.

  28. Ronaldo

    Its sad that Kirk Douglas did that to his face. He look like nothing that resembles what he used to be. Why do people pull their faces when they get old. its so silly

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