1. Josephus

    Skarsgard checked his watch to be sure; it was, indeed, sex o’clock.

  2. EricLR

    Next conquest in 3…2…

  3. In case anyone is wondering:
    Yes, the hands on his watch are penises.
    And yes, it’s always snatch time.

  4. Well, looks like all those wax figurines should be in their 3rd trimester…….now.

  5. Setting his clock for 9 months.

  6. “They say every 5 seconds another woman is impregnated by me. That leaves me only 4 seconds…”

  7. “Hmmmmmmmm…almost 2 minutes without sex. Have I hit the wall?”

  8. donkeylicks

    “Shit, what time is it… well I guess it doesn’t really matter, I have another nine months anyway.”

  9. “Why am I looking at my reflection in this timepiece when I could be having sex right now?”

  10. Look at that, time to bang a bitch already.

  11. “That’s funny, my watch wasn’t this big when I put it on this morning.”

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