1. Awwwh Nicki, did people stop talking about you for five minutes?
    Here you go… Here’s some attention for ya…

  2. Little Tongue

    When you think there’s a nipple showing and you don’t even bother to click “View Full Size”, well, it says it all…

  3. EricLR

    It’s a pretty good friend who will agree to take a picture of you flashing your tits without laughing.

  4. martina

    We have a Haz Mat situation here

  5. this chick turns me on. yum.

  6. I don’t really like her, but this photo may make me change my mind.

  7. She’s fucking sexy. I want to motorboat those titties.

  8. Where’s that big red star when you really need it.

  9. With those lungs I’ll bet she can swim under water the entire length of an Olympic sized pool without having to come up for air.

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