1. Cock Dr

    She is so pale you could probably read by the light of her skin at night.

  2. deucepickle

    When selecting a chick, I use the 3-B scale based on the ratio of Belly, Butt and Boobs. And this girl meets all three criteria beautifully.

  3. AnnaDraconida

    Nice to see she won’t die of dehydration or cell phone withdrawal before reaching the car.

  4. adolf hitler

    shes got a master racey body

  5. Dear Amanda,

    Clearly, you think you’re hot shit and we’re all homos for not watching “Jennifer’s Body” to see you and Megan Fox make out. ‘Cause apparently that shit was bangin’, yo. Anyways, I wanted to bring your attention to this thing called the Internet, where one can instantly see chicks way hotter than you do all sorts of the hottest, nastiest shit known to man… for free. So, in closing, unless you film a sequel with Megan Fox that involves 30 minutes of full nudity and a strap-on, I hope you enjoy your upcoming stay in Obscurityville. I think I saw Elizabeth Berkley parking her car there earlier.

  6. cc

    Still waiting for the Kelly Brook pics…

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