1. Cock Dr

    Nice watercolor.
    Keep it out of the sunlight to prevent fading.

  2. Truk

    “Barrack Obama showing his ass” –fitting, seeing how things have been going.

  3. Chet

    Well, he has brought a feminine touch to the presidency.

  4. Fletch

    I thought this was Glen Rice after one of his flings with Sarah Palin.

  5. Ash

    Damn thats good

  6. His lawyer is insisting this painting is NOT of Barack Obama, and that anyone publishing the painting will be sued.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “If the economy was in the toilet wouldn’t I be able to see it?”

  8. SuperficialAdmin

    barack obama sux

  9. Buddy the Elf

    Pure Awesome.

  10. Hizzoner

    Oh Dan Lacey you tremendous hack. Maybe paint a pancake on his head next. That would be SO WACKY!

  11. So he leaked his Hipstamatic mirror pictures?

  12. Ponkur

    I preferred Amber Rose blond. Great ass though.

  13. Obama’s already called the FBI and they’re investigating his ass.

  14. Based on his days at Man’s Country.

  15. In tihs painting there’s a little gay dog saying it all with his one weird eye.

  16. AlbertaGuy

    I’d hit it

  17. Steelerchick

    He has a nicer ass then Scarlett.

  18. Well we all know what the dog is for.

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