1. Cock Dr

    Isn’t he cute? I just wanna hold him & squeeze him & take him home.
    Hope he’s housebroken.

  2. youbetcha


  3. dani

    Mmmmm… So so nice.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Ryan using his patented “lower your head into my crotch” maneuver on yet another co-star.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    So now Roosevelt and Churchill are vampires?

  6. sexyman48

    Something about this guy is starting to piss me off.

  7. Ryan Gosling and Sarah Jessica Parker have an obvious on screen chemistry.

  8. farting old man's wife

    I want to pet him too!! Not RG the doggie!!!

  9. He’s dating Venus Williams?

  10. KC

    Now Turner and Hooch get a reboot?

  11. [Obligatory peanut butter or person/dog reversal joke]

  12. gumption

    all the women get on this site are gay men. And for all the bitches that say “he is so cute” “oh my gawd”, just know that you are the type of girls that have gay boyfriends and husbands that can’t wait for you to leave in the morning so they can call in the cowboys.

  13. The gays are shape-shifters! Get a Bible and a Rifle! Kill ‘em both before they’re legally joined in a civil ceremony! Shoot the dog! The dog must die!

  14. Reminds me of a Muppet show skit, only this time, this is the story of a gosling that’s gone to the dogs.

  15. The Brown Streak

    Someday…someday…they will bring back Poochinski…

  16. Raoul

    “I don’t always fornicate with canines, but when I do, I prefer bulldogs.”

  17. sasha

    Truman Capote?

  18. Steelerchick

    Awwww he’s so cute. Ryan looks pretty good too.

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