1. j/k

    I am so gonna kill myself in her driveway.

  2. “Quick take the picture! The alcohol fumes are killing me”

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Arghhh… okay, I’ll feel the boob.

  4. it had to be said

    This titty doesn’t have vodka in it. You lied to me.

  5. Paula’s strategically placed ugly person pays for itself with this photo (apparently).

  6. Rosalie

    Paula is so the exception that proves the rule.

  7. farting old man's wife

    Ok, go away you are hogging my camera time!

  8. Frank The Duck

    You say those are real? I’ll just check…

  9. Johnny P!

    At that exact moment, in an alternate universe, Bar Rafaeli grabbed Scarlett Johansson’s breast as Mila Kunis snapped a pic and Alexander Skarsgard looked on.

  10. Perplexity

    I used to hide my meds in my bra, do you? I’d better check just to be sure. What are these, chiclets?

  11. Wotwot

    Even women want to join the Touchatitty Tribe.

  12. Oroville Redenbacher looks on approvingly.

  13. Venom

    Mr. Bean likes what he sees.

  14. The Brown Streak

    All this time I thought Michael Jackson was dead.

  15. Steelerchick

    Times must be tough for Leonard Nimoy he can’t even get an autograph from Paula

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