1. Bobo

    Hot!……I meant the girl behind Kirsten

  2. Venom

    Not going to ask how she got poop stains all the way up there by her boob.

  3. Verily

    Quick! Back to the cave!

  4. Tad Bit Tipsy

    They accidently exchanged boots after sex!

  5. farting old man's wife

    Why is that girl behind her wearing two different boots! I mean really!! Two different socks is ok!!

  6. adolf hitler

    so frickeng ho–arrphhhhh… bleeeeehhhhhhhhhoooaahhh

  7. Frank The Duck

    How awful for such a big star (sic) to find someone from the great unwashed wearing the same thing!!

  8. Perplexity

    Boy, those boobs are migrating south faster than birds.

  9. TomFrank

    Bookmark this photo for when Kirsten Dunst denies using a body double for…I dunno, whatever shit goes on in this movie that I’m sure I will never see unless I’m literally dragged to it.

  10. dotmatrix

    Classy gal, all the way. Smart, too.

  11. CranAppleSnapple

    Eww. Swampy foot fungus. Never share your gumboots.

  12. tlmck

    Did she give a blow job to the tin man?

  13. cc

    Must have been quite a bender. She barfed on her housecoat, and they got their boots confused.

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