1. Richard McBeef

    and now she’s broke.

  2. it had to be said

    I think she wore that outfit in Showgirls. Nice that they let her keep the costumes.

  3. swearin

    Either she’s comparing her body to the meter’s, or she’s remembering what it’s like to work something with a pole.

  4. Chris

    Now I know who buys pajama jeans.

  5. ” I like nice tits”

  6. That parking meter pole is giving her serious “Showgirls” flashbacks.

  7. barbosa

    poor elizabeth.. she has always had a wide and flat ass.

  8. gumption

    her ass is gross

  9. The right sort of hip action, and this parking meter might start paying out, if you know what I mean…(I mean, it might spit up enough change to pay for an all-star special at Waffle House)

  10. Sin

    At least she is back in shape. For a while she porked up. Maybe she is desperate and will do lots of nuduty again. Well maybe thats not such a good idea, look at how for those little tits are sagging.

  11. cc

    She thought ‘Time expired’ was a text message intended for her.

  12. Roses are red, violets are black, why is your ass as flat as your back?

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