1. Bobo

    Haha grumpy old man…..looks like your belt is on there too tight!

  2. Janice

    “Ewww, I smell women my own age…”

  3. Venom

    This dude cannot be human, plus, his fly is down.

  4. “Make ‘em say ughhh nana nana…”

  5. Mike Walker

    Hey Beavis… pick me up a double cheese with salami and peppers.

  6. it had to be said

    That damn Jonah kid is wearing the same outfit I am!

  7. Fletch

    When you get his age, you just take a dump whenever you want.

  8. Rough hat area

    Thumbnail says Sly from He-man. I was not expecting Larry.

  9. MILF

    “Smithers will pay for not zipping my trousers!”

  10. Unholy krep

    “You damn kids get off my lawn! Or diner stool! Or…aaaaaaghgh!”

  11. Tired Old Man

    That garbage bag is tied so tight it’s crapping old men out the bottom.

  12. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Ten grand to stop wearing their jeans. That’s Chump Change!”

  13. potatoes are neat

    He looks like Beavis as an old man. “Are you threatening me?!?”

  14. Al Czervik

    “my soup was cold again ! Again! What’s with the cold soup? The Soup’s supposed to be hot ! Why can’t I get hot soup? Where’s my personal assistant?You’d think I was a nobody! A nobody! Jeez , why can’t I read this cell phone ? You’d think they would make cell phones you can read ! Why can’t I get a cell phone I can read ? Jeez , Why doesn’t my pecker work ? Jeez !!!”

  15. farting old man's wife

    Oh dammit, I just shit my pants!!! NURSE!!!

  16. Chris

    Watch me mime walking into the wind.

  17. Johnny P!

    *fly already open, belt partially undone* “Whaddya mean ‘washrooms are for customer use only’?!? Fine, gimme a goddamn coffee! Now buzz me in, this in an emergency!!!”

  18. Perplexity

    I fuckin’ HATE high fuckin’ fiber fuckin’ diets!!

  19. TomFrank

    I expect this picture to resurface in the Weekly World News next week as “proof” that Johnny Cash is in fact still alive.

  20. coolmama

    Gargoyle walking!

  21. “Oops, I crapped my pants”

  22. Wotwot

    The most disturbing part of this picture is that my husband has that same outfit.

  23. “So you walk into this restaurant, strung out from the road…and you feel the eyes upon you, as you’re shakin’ off the cold. You pretend it doesn’t bother you, but you just want to explode…”

  24. Mwaddams

    The most f’d up part of this photo is that it’s at at a resturant. Everyone knows Larry has only eaten via IV the last 75 years.

  25. dontlooknow

    And now for my next impression..a gargoyle!

  26. “Fucking Life Alert, how does it work?”

  27. bethy

    He’s trying to recover from Jonah Hill “stance” practice.

  28. vlad

    Dammit! I’m calling the cops! someone stole my suspenders!

  29. Venom

    To the guy that thinks Nicolas Cage is a vampire, you might want to check this guy out first…

  30. Kat

    Does anyone else think this guy looks a little bit like the Alien?

  31. If my OhMiBod quit working I’d probably make that face too.

  32. MammaMia

    where matt Groening got the inspiration for Professor Farnsworth from Futurama…

  33. cc

    To me he always looked like a Gremlin that lived to a ripe old age.

  34. XYZ Larry King. XYZ.

  35. Steelerchick

    “Did someone put metamucil in my latte??” Not funny… not funny at all

  36. bevontheroad

    “excellent” says Mr Burns

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