1. just here for laughs

    This has to be photoshopped. Has to be.

  2. kt

    He’s lost weight everywhere but in the ears.

  3. deucepickle

    He looks pretty relaxed for hyper-extending both knees.

  4. A.T.

    like ive said before, the dude’s got really fucked up legs :|

  5. Ok seriously, is he trying out for the Hitler youth? That haircut does nothing to dispel the rumors

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I love those crazy circus mirrors. Wait, what?

  7. Your MOM

    Looks like his stomach has jowls.

  8. Fletch

    Great, the guy lost weight, he looks great. He wasn’t funny when he was overweight and he’s not funny now. Quit pushing this crap on us Hollywierd!

  9. MILF

    If Nic Cage can go back in time as a vampire, then this is Jon Cryer post-fat camp, but before Pretty in Pink.

  10. samuel

    i wish he would stop doing his hair like that… it makes him look like an old dude…

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I’ll pass. You’re not born knowing you’re only fooling yourself pulling your belt that tight. It’s all new to him.

  12. Hizzoner

    Congrats on getting fit. Now find some clothes that do.

  13. farting old man's wife

    I would bet he has a huge weiner!! Guys with that waistline and odd feet are usually hung!!

  14. adolf hitler

    he has graduated to chubby

  15. Reminds me of Danny Devito’s Penguin.

  16. Johnny P!

    All it takes is a few snacks to get the “above-the-waist-Front-Ass” happening again. Didn’t Jenny Craig explicitly explain that to him?!?

  17. dekansnowman

    Still got a big fucking head…

  18. TomFrank

    Isn’t there some rule about not wearing blue shirts with brown pants?

  19. Wotwot

    Maybe with all that money he’s saving on Twinkies and Hot Pockets he could hire a stylist. Or at least a descent friend that isn’t scared to tell him that when he tucks his excess skin into his underwear he looks like a walking corn dog. Just saying.

  20. Hereafter known as: audition #43.

  21. You can put all the fancy clothes on him you want, but the moment Frodo comes by he’s just going to chase after that fucking ring again.

  22. Still not skinny enough to tuck a shirt. Sorry.

  23. Dave Mustaine

    Still a fat lard to me.

  24. Seat Filler

    he’s still Fat on the inside

  25. Steelerchick

    He’s still got fat man knees

  26. Liz

    So that’s what skinny Chaz Bono looks like.

  27. A Muffin-Top Tale: Fievel Goes East.

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