1. Janice

    “I’m siiiiiiiiinging in the rain….”

  2. LadyJ

    Where’s Homeland Security? Looks like Sam Ronson is ready to snap.

  3. swearin

    1920′s gangster by day, 2011 hipster doofus by night

  4. Rosalie

    Dexter’s called in sick today, but he’s arranged for a substitute.

  5. Johnny P!

    Phew! That was a close one! They almost caught me snacking out of that big bag of freshly tossed salad in the cubicle behind me…

  6. SSHGuru

    This is the picture they should have in the security area on what someone who looks insane.

  7. This picture is used as the final question on the Bar Bouncers of LA’s exit exam. The right answer is: lift the rope, point to the door, and punch him in the neck when he turns to tell his hipster friends that it should never take this long.

  8. Really?

    Totally thought that was Samantha Ronson.

  9. I thought it was Pete Doherty dressed like Samantha Ronson to confuse Lindsay Lohan. Figuring “that if she does those things to get into fashion shows, imagine what she’d do for this suitcase full of blow”.

  10. cc

    He’s doin’ the ‘Baby Shamble’.

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