1. youbetcha

    Zach Morris wants his cell phone back.

  2. kt

    Is she getting a call from the Sears appliance team?

  3. Janice

    She’d better watch the white pants with all that Activia running through her system.

  4. Frugal Gourmet

    Check the coin clot

  5. it had to be said

    Wait. What? It’s like a combination of Get Smart! with the oddly placed phone and a tampon commercial with the white pants.

  6. LJ

    Nice way to avoid taking questions from the paparazzi. Just pull the pretend Batphone out of your purse and pretend that it’s the Mayor of Gothom City on the other end of the line.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    There’s a typewriter in the bag for text messages

  8. Rosalie


  9. What’s with the “Get Smart” gadget?

    • Trek Girl

      It’s a retro handset for her cellphone; many people use them to cut down on the radiation from the phone. You can find handsets like these, including ones without the cord, on Thinkgeek.com.

      • Venom

        Holy shit that thing is real, I thought she just had that to fuck with the paps.
        Until further notice, this might be the lamest thing I have ever seen.

      • Steelerchick

        If Lenny is cool using it so is Jamie Lee Curtis. Ah no, no she’s not.

  10. So NationJamie is selling insurance now.

  11. Blackberry finally stepped up to blue phones.

  12. Perplexity

    You should see where she hides her toaster oven.

  13. Johnny P!

    She’s on her rounds to personally drop-off all her hand-written emails to her friends.
    Bless old people.

  14. dekansnowman

    I bet this is the next uppity celebrity fix for cell phone signals giving brain tumors.. So no more bluetooth headsets, just blue headsets..

  15. wtf

    maybe she can demonstrate that Nationwide insurance disappearance act…then I would be impressed.

  16. TomFrank

    Once again, I do not like how “True Lies 2″ is shaping up at all.

  17. “The call is coming from inside your purse!”

  18. gumption

    testicular feminization. yes, she has it.

  19. “Go go gadget yogurt bar!”

  20. The Brown Streak

    Somewhere the blue man group is still waiting for a call from their agent.

  21. Blech


  22. AnnaDraconida

    Hipster cellphone!

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