1. just here for laughs

    To Skeletor aka the bitch who stole my husband: Let’s see you copy this pose!

  2. Cock Dr

    Thought it was Shauna Sands, but the shoes are all wrong.

  3. whatthehuh?

    somebody needs to feed this bitch a cheeseburger

  4. Venom

    One one hand I agree with Cibrian for trading her in, but aren’t you supposed to trade up when you do that?

  5. I wonder if she ever figured out why old fat guys kept yelling “How much baby?” out car windows at her.

  6. swearin

    She’ll be the most ruthless Bachelorette ever

  7. Rough hat area

    Why can’t girls in my world have skinny competition like those two airheads.

  8. barbosa

    She’s doing a great job resisting eating those roses. Keep going brandi! You haven’t beaten leanne until you start getting cardiac dysrhythmias.

  9. gumption

    her legs look weird and well, gross

  10. Yikes… did she just finish a mile-long hike through a field of thistles?

  11. One of her glanvilles is looking right at those flowers. Must be why she bought them.

  12. wow nice legs… b’gaaaak!

  13. Venom

    Good thing those weren’t hydrangeas. Ooo the asswhooping Madonna would have put on her.

  14. The Brown Streak

    Enough with the Skeletor comments…everyone knows this is Whore-dak

  15. cc

    Well, at least carrying those groceries home isn’t much of a chore.

  16. Yikes! Looks like somebody’s been having sex with Gerard Butler.

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