1. Frank Burns


  2. Creep guy in van

    All women between the ages of 18-25 and a BMI below 25 should dress like this. Everyone else, wear a burka, please.

  3. fucktard

    yes please.

  4. What a way to celebrate the Jewish New Year with a Jew giving me a boner. It’s a mitzvah.

  5. broduhjenner

    Ivana shayk dat ass!

  6. tlmck

    God bless Russia.

  7. .....

    Gawd DAMN !!!

  8. Martina

    oh my god …. who wouldn’t do that ass?

  9. Peter Griffen

    Makes my tongue hard!

  10. tont

    shes has plastic surgery. as for the burka, she should wear one shes muslim

  11. Mark

    she doesnt give no one a boner

  12. Mark

    sorry yeh but cristiano ronaldo’s real girlfriend of 2 years and not chucky shreikh stalker has got a real nice ass and not a plastic surgery one, why do you think he’s sticking with hiz real girlfriend btw check out ‘irina shayk ugly irina sheikhislamova stalker of c ronaldo’ facebook page

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