1. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Palin in the front, Cyrus in the back.

  2. Old Shakespear


  3. It’s Amsterdam, so you know she’s high as a motherfucker.

  4. Now she’s ripping off Winehouse?

  5. I give her another year before she’s tossed to the pop music scrap heap with other great music luminaries such as Sigue Sigue Sputnick.

  6. lori

    Looks like a bedraggled 1950′s housewife.

  7. Ana

    Disappointingly normal

  8. tlmck

    If she wore one of her outrageous outfits in Amsterdam, they would not notice her.

  9. Jones

    Wilma Flintstone at Prom.

  10. Radadoon

    Ever heard the story of The Ugly Duckling? Well GaGa ain’t no swan, she is still The Ugly Duckling.

  11. She dressed in flowers so people wouldn’t notice her penis.

  12. snarl

    i did that to my hair in 9th grade…

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