1. Arnold! Look! Rumer Willis!”

    “It’s not a roomah!”

  2. SAT Question:

    Tallulah is to Rumer as:

    A. Ron Howard is to Clint Howard.
    B. Dyssentery is to Cancer
    C. John Travolta’s balls are to Justin Timberlake’s chin.
    D. Ugly. The answer is ugly.

  3. Ghost

    Ugly or Pretty, when they have bodies like this they’re all 10s with the lights off

  4. mrsmass

    she has the legs of a 65 year old or Tara Reid.

  5. Note to all women: Do NOT have sex with Bruce Willis.

  6. George P Burdell

    She is 18 and has her mother’s knees.

  7. YoMamma

    Does Demi have naturally big tits? Rumer and Tallulah sure do (and ill fitting bras to boot) but I don’t recall Demi being so stacked. Discuss.

  8. EricLr

    The truck in the background had just crashed into Rumor’s chin.

  9. The unfortunate spawn of the Bruce and Demi. Always depresses me.

  10. Old Shakespear

    She was great as Carl from Slingblade. Thanks for the face covering glasses!

  11. Batman

    Gosh, Talulah.

  12. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    Nothing like being famous for dropping out your mom’s dusty cooter

  13. hollar

    Thought this was Ellen Pompeo!

  14. cc

    Hopefully, she’s got her sister’s acting chops. Did you see Sorority Way? She was so compelling.

  15. Saggy boobs, saggy knees…..

  16. Bobin

    I guess she’s sneaking off to put a jumbo pantyliner in.

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