1. A native from her homecountry

    No way that’s Lucy Lawless.

  2. Wait. What?

    She was in a picture a few pages back. Are there two Lucy Lawli?

  3. This can’t be right. Lucy Lawless would never steal an invisible beach chair. Never!

    • Oh thank God! For a moment, I though you were trying to convince us that Lucy Lawless would steal invisible beach chairs. Now that the name is right, I suspect Daniela Ruah has some explaining to do.

  4. Darsch

    It’s Daniela Ruah dudes…

  5. As Al Pacino: Ruah!

  6. cc

    Wood eye? Hell yes!

  7. neo

    My vagina is tingling…I sense trouble. TO THE VAG-MOBILE!

  8. She’s awfully pale for a woman in California. She needs to get a bit of color, then display some full nudal frontity.

  9. squishy

    Such a hotty!

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