1. Camels? 1984 called and it said “Stay Classy Heather!”

  2. Contusion

    That IS scary. Good casting.

  3. Johnny P!

    The Scary Movie franchise has become the new Love Boat and Fantasy Island refuge for has-been actors to still be able to get a paycheck.

  4. At this point, the only person Heather scares is Richie Sambora.

  5. CeceColleen

    Her face is starting to look a little cat womanesque.

  6. Lamya

    I hope I look like that when I get old.

  7. lori

    Gorgeous as ever.

  8. cc

    Hangin in pretty well…despite the smoking.

  9. lily

    looks better than tara reid!!!

  10. tlmck

    If it weren’t for the cigarettes and the “bat-shit” crazy, I could still hit that.

  11. karmaB

    Her blank robotic stare says it all. Empty underneath all that plastic surgery that was suppose to make her feel better about herself rather than just aging naturally. Hope it makes you happier Heather.

  12. Martina

    She could still do the groupie thing

  13. Remember when she got busted for pills or something? Yeah, she’s definitely still not over that

  14. Apparently she’s auditioning for the roll of Morticia Addams in a new version of “The Addams Family.”

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