1. She’s aging in dog years.

  2. How many hours must she spend laying out under the moon to be that pale?

  3. It’s like Dr. Frankenstein built her in the dark!

  4. it had to be said

    Does she bring her own head bag, or do I have to provide that?

  5. Exit Only Out the Rear

    Rumer Willis.

  6. Contusion

    can you imagine what this would look like if she stopped waxing?

  7. YoMamma

    So bored with her same old look…

  8. Bumbumbum


  9. Johnny P!

    Seen on an ‘off day’… threw something on from the laundry basket, not wearing any makeup…

  10. Cock Dr

    She’s either exhausted or wasted.

  11. I don’t give a fuck. I would pound that pale ass of hers. she’s fucking sexy!. This is just a bad picture.

  12. booya

    What a photobomb

  13. cc

    Who is that kid sneaking up on her?

  14. Old Shakespear

    The minute she first saw Marilyn Manson naked her pigment packed up his shit and left.

  15. Amazing how you “clean up” Kat Von D. Sure it took a miracle worker with body paint, but a job well done. (Hey, you knew it was coming!)

  16. karmaB

    She’s bummed because all the trendy retro look chicks stole her look and now she is nothin special! Everyone looked like that…..last year!

  17. Emma Watson's Vagina

    test 123

  18. Emma Watson's Vagina

    It is a night of bordom, a song of dullness,
    neutrered cat vent their howls. This old dull one
    Whispers of lust shroud and surround her pale form,
    a timeless desire that few admit

    .Her black hair casades over
    translucent ivory shouldersm and her full blood red lips
    part not for even the Hulk could pry it not open. she taste not the
    new blood. for there is none for her.

    She now hungers for the one thing she can get , that is lawsuits.

  19. Martina

    At least she’s not life like, or wasting oxygen.

  20. AZ

    wow, have never seen this look on her before

  21. Colin

    Happy 58, Sasha Grey!

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