1. If she was facing the other direction, I’m quite sure her name would be Sophia Nobush.

  2. Ghost

    Mmmm, very nice, very thought provoking

  3. Mr. Poop

    bush has got a cute tush

  4. She’s always been one of my faves. So beautiful.

  5. Fucking sexy woman on a fucking awful show.

  6. skunk

    push push in the bush

  7. LegMan


  8. lala

    I know there is no relation… but when I look at her face I see bush jr….

  9. seriouslynow

    She’s a fine piece. Her voice is so hot.

  10. cc

    Oh c’mon, no one managed to snap a pic of her struggling to get out of car in that skirt?

  11. lily

    she still looks amazing!!

  12. neo

    If you’re drowning in pussy, you can always swim to da butt.

  13. Martina

    that’s a very nice ass

    • Bobin

      Oh…pfffhht…everyones ass looks good in that bullshit Hollywood red carpet “oh am I’m being photographed?” (btw this is not the AVN Awards) pose.

      Unless you’re Ke$ha.

  14. Someone had to do it.


  15. YTBOY

    That’s the “Does my ass look great” pose!

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