1. Apparently, due to the time change and stuff, it’s already Halloween in Ireland.

  2. Corey Feldman is clearly having a stroke in this picture. Why are Bono and that werewolf lady not helping him? TIME LOSS EQUALS BRAIN LOSS PEOPLE!

  3. Tiggles

    Worst ‘Twilight’ sequel casting ever.

  4. They should all be fed to starving people in the third world. Bono would want it that way.

  5. Hugh Jass

    Somebody told me that there are two funny looking dudes wearing shades in the picture, but I didn’t notice.

  6. Emma Watson's Vagina

    Rose McGowan never looked hotter and so feminine in so many years.

  7. Is she auditioning for a new “Wolfman” movie?

  8. Bono introduces toothless Shane to his tooth transplant donor.

  9. This is the fun house mirror version of Corey Feldman and his tramp of the week

  10. EricLR

    Try to guess which were born males and which were born females. I think you’ll be delightfully surprised.

  11. Its “Yellowteeth” scourge of the toothbrush.

  12. Joe Blow

    I honestly cannot decide what is the scariest thing about this picture.

  13. gigi

    …Bono still want the biddy?

  14. The Irish are to optometry as the English are to dentists.

  15. Look at those two enormous boobs! And check out the chick’s tits behind them!

  16. The only Bono those two need is pro-bono dental work.

  17. That creature in the middle seriously creeps me the fuck out.

  18. Its getting harder and harder to be an 80′s baby/U2 fan

  19. Huge tits and sunglasses can’t hide ugly.

  20. Attractive people just don’t care about torture, y’all.

  21. Odbarc

    Overly Obsessed Girlfriend’s mother as Overly Obsessed Groupie.

  22. crb

    Okay, so Corey Feldman, a Vampire, and Bono walk into a bar in Dublin.

    The bartender says, “Which one of you sucks the hardest, which is the second biggest s**t ever taken, and which is a complete tit?”

  23. Lou Braccant

    Is that the ghost from the original Fright Night poster?

  24. tlmck

    I guess kd lang finally had that gender reassignment surgery and changed her name to Shane.

  25. There’s always a vampire hooker in the background saying it with her fangs.

  26. Three of the most despised, irritating, wretched people on the planet today – all of them Bono.

  27. I can’t fathom why a singing legend and sex symbol of this caliber would want to mingle with fucking Bono of all people.

    (Couldn’t slip a Snaggleboobs reference into that one, so: Snaggleboobs!!)

  28. brick

    YEOWWEEEEE!!! I need my mommy.

    That’s the scariest unintentional photobomb I’ve ever seen.

  29. What the hell is that thing, seriously.

  30. RocketInMyPocket

    There’s a whole lotta ugly in this picture. But, of course, boobs.

  31. some person.. TITS! some more famous person..

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