1. Everyone seems pretty enthralled with the Vag.

  2. broduhjenner

    im surprised the boat isn’t tipping the other way.

  3. Hugh Jass

    Watch out, that neighborhood watch dude is back.

  4. The Barbados swim team is still defying Olympic authorities by using a boat.

  5. Dick Nose

    You’d need an entire exploration team to navigate your way down that scary fucking happy trail

  6. “Ah hurt ma back! Im paralyzed, I cant walk!”

    “tsh….bitch we been here since yesterday”

  7. EricLR

    Don’t worry. I’m sure she can swim.

  8. Thats the worst way to clean a boat.

  9. I…I…….I have no comment.

  10. Joe Blow

    Harpoon away!

  11. Fun Fact: “Barbados” is Spanish for: “Let’s get drunk and fuck!”

  12. He called her bluff, spread her legs, and just like that, the boat fell out. She would forever be branded “Boat smugglin’ Ho” in that particular circle.

    • crb


      (I was going to say something about her sinking a boat that was so fortunately close to shore, but you sir have killed it!)

  13. “Y’all see where she scratched the finish last time with that nasty-ass Brillo she got goin’ on down there? Best be keepin’ that bikini on this time.”

  14. Jentilly

    Gurl your penis is showin

  15. Capn Obvious

    Isn’t it ironic that her name is Fantasia?

    I’m implying that she is not exactly a “fantasy.” Quite the opposite in fact. At the risk of perhaps being labeled a tad insensitive, she is a beast. A nasty, tatted up beast.

  16. “Release the crackhead!”

  17. mr grossly

    looks like a dude, not an attractive woman at all

  18. That’s not Louis Armstrong?

  19. “You could totally fit, like, eight whole tamarind fruit up there!”

    “Hahaha … I totally could!”

  20. bagmotherfucker

    Gustavo Fring gone to hell

  21. cc

    All I can say is with the mouth like she should really be able to clean up in eating contests. Wow.

  22. howie feltersnatch

    Venus and Serena?

  23. We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

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