1. Where's Dildo

    Nope. I’m not going to be the one to sacrifice myself to the fires of hell with an MJ Fox/Parkinsons joke, just to get into MIP.

  2. Tim Tebow biopic.

  3. I’m not touching this one.

  4. I thought his only handicap was Parkinson’s?

  5. asdasda

    poor, michael. all the best doctors and treatments money can buy wont change the fact that you throw like a girl.

  6. EricLR

    Do you think I’ll be able to drive the DeLorean again someday, Doc?

    Sure, champ, sure [hides a tear]

  7. People with Parkinson’s I can make fun of, but I can’t talk shit about MJF.

  8. Ok I’ll say it I bet he can shake up a mean Margarita. there crossed the hot coals on that one.

  9. He throws like a girl with Parkinson’s.

  10. Echo5

    Miley Cyrus thowing a football after shitter fisting herself.
    With Parkinsons.

  11. renotastic

    “Michael, why don’t you just retire from acting and open a Shakey’s?!”

  12. Fish, you goddamn fucking bastard.

  13. Never go full retard.

  14. Hugh Jass

    Just goes to show you, a 50 year old guy handles the ball better than Tim Tebow

  15. cc

    ‘Thanks for picking Rush out of the crowd, Chuck…watch this.’

  16. Quickly moving on.

  17. crb

    Jee-zus Mike, live a happy life and get yourself the absolute f**k away from that sad, limp, sack of pureed cauliflower, Stolichnaya, and chronic major depression otherwise known as “Grodin”.

  18. “Ermahgerd … fertberr!”

  19. “Go short !”

  20. How much cocaine has Grodin been snorting, that he burned through the giant pile of ‘Beethoven 1, 2 ,3 4 etc’ money and has to resort to being in this piece of shit?

  21. MIchael J. Fox is like a modern day Jackie Robinson – breaking down barriers and opening the doors for handicapped and retarded people to have their own tv shows so we can mock and laugh at them.

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