1. broduhjenner

    lol I thought it was r. kelly believing he can fly.

  2. EricLR

    That would be a helluva vertical if he were white.

  3. Joe Blow

    Homie, you gotta take your pants off before you pound the Beibs’ ass hard like that!

  4. Awe man…did the rapture only take black people this time?

  5. Is he going to wage war against skateboarders?

  6. crb

    “Yes Mrs. Thicke, there is a black near your car, NYPD is on the way…”

  7. fred

    This reminds me that i have to get Grand Theft Auto V.

  8. “Yo, gravity, you my bitch!…”

  9. ‘Dammit, where is the anus on this thing?’

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