1. Stephanie Hawking.

  2. Hugh Jass

    Being 103 years old doesn’t seem so bad.

  3. I love that old bitch.

  4. Dildo Baggins

    I’d still fuck the shit out of her

  5. FtG

    “Gee, I can’t believe Joan Rivers is taking me back to her place.”
    “You did say your blood type was O negative, right?”

  6. EricLR

    West Hollywood is the kind of place where if you stand still too long, you’ll end up with one of these on you car.

  7. Those are serious looking orthopaedic footwear the girl is rocking.

  8. Art Crow

    Joan Rivers with Howard Stern’s next wife.

  9. Joe Blow


  10. Say what you want about plastic surgery, but she looks AMAZING. Who’s Rascal is she sitting on?

  11. Truk

    She’s raising a clone to have her soul placed in. It’s the next big thing in hollywood…

  12. renotastic

    “See, if I married less Jewy, my daughter would look like THIS! OH! OH!”

  13. Not bad looking for a woman who’s using the skin that covered her nose to now cover her entire face.

  14. crb

    “Tell me sweetie, you ever heard of Elizabeth Bathory? -No? Come over to my place later for a late dinner. I’ve got something special planned tonight.”

  15. cc

    What did I say about hitchhikers just last week?

  16. Is she riding a scooter, or did her plastic surgeon just graft it onto her ass?

  17. jennablon

    Hugh Heffner went blonde?

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