1. “Yeah. I’m sorry. I’ll roll down a window. Have you ever met DiCaprio…”

  2. Hugh Jass

    He who smelled it, dealt it.

  3. The smell when Jonah discovers a new fold of fat is unbearable.

  4. She must have farted, because I’m sure his are an olfactory treasure.

  5. Kel

    It wasn’t Jonah. Jonah doesn’t fart, but when he does it smells like sufganiyots.

  6. That looks like a one-hitter he’s got in his hand.

  7. Billy Blaze

    serious actors don’t smoke vapor pens Jonah, they smoke blunts!

  8. “Did this fuckin’ GPS just call me Seth Rogen? This fuckin’ GPS thinks I’m Seth Rogen!”

    *sigh* “If only…”

  9. EricLR

    Looks like he caught a brief whiff of his own ego.

  10. He is just smelling the dorito cheese on his fingers.

  11. KToThaJ

    “Jonah, for gods sake. I said I’m sorry for eating the last of the French fries”
    “It’s ok, just let me sniff your fingers and everything will be alright”

  12. “I’m sorry baby *sniff*That was the last of the coke.”
    “Well stop being sorry and waddle your fat ass out of this car and get me more!”*slurp*

  13. Yeah? Well Scorsese thinks my farts are amazing!

  14. Cap'n Obvious

    Fast food straw visible? Check.

    Vehicle suspension straining on driver’s side? Check.

    Pretentious no-talent ass clown driving around with a gold-digging whore who would not fart in his direction if he was not a “celebrity”? Triple check.

    Mission control, we are “go” for FatDouche launch.

  15. She’s probably accustomed to sucking on objects that size by now.

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