1. Cock Dr

    Those nipples could hurt a man badly.

  2. Venom

    Her sex tape was not bad.
    I wonder what her rental rates are?

  3. it had to be said

    I’m pretty sure she could nip through quarter inch steel plate. Which isn’t all bad, although she’d probably give the plate syph.

  4. “WIndex your shoes for a dollar, Ma’am?”

  5. Sex with her has got to be like masturbating into the arm hold of Indiana Jones’ leather jacket.

  6. Heywood Jablowme

    Moar stripper heelz.

  7. Onomatopoeia

    This is where Barbie comes to die.

  8. She’s there to refill on ChapStick.

  9. This chick is nasty. You can probably see her VD from space.

  10. RHawk

    I think you are looking at Lindsay Lohan in about 10 years, assuming she can find someone to pay for the surgeries.

  11. JustHereForTheLaughs

    I have a sudden craving for pepperoni.

  12. Following Minaj with ol’ rubberlips is the internet equivalent of waterboarding. Shame!!!

  13. That Sand needs to be swept away!

  14. Freaky

    The nipples I get. What I don’t get is areolas that are stout enough to show through that fabric. Or is it scar tissue?

  15. Buddy the Elf

    Does she have to remove and check the Areolas at TSA?

  16. is she shoplifting frisbees?

  17. Jill_Ess

    I’m pretty sure I can see stripper glitter.

  18. It is nice to see Taylor Armstrong out and about after the suicide of her estranged hu….Oh wait…my bad. Nevermind.

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