1. USDA Prime McBeef

    as if.

  2. it had to be said

    “Oh snap! I know you didn’t just put curry in dem noodles!”

  3. This is what Prince William masturbates to…

  4. Inner Retard

    Kate, could you show us what you did when Will gave you a $150,000 engagement ring?

  5. Kate: “If things go well I might be showing him my O-face!”

  6. CK

    “And THIS is how I’ll become Queen.”

  7. JC

    “The royal penis is clean.”

  8. Bigalkie

    Your swag bag pineapple

  9. cc

    I can’t believe she fell for the ‘we cane all foreigners’ line.

  10. B&WMinstrel

    Half way round the world to find an ass for Pippa. That’s what a sister’s for.

  11. “So Kate, how does one get the attention of a prince in the first place?”

  12. kimmykimkim's troll

    So that’s how it works in that family.

    • kimmykimkim


      • Not telling

        I dont know who the troll is anymore.

      • lol

        The one who actually has wit and humor is the troll, the angry cursing out one of course, is the…non troll? all she has said from what I’ve read varies from bitch, cunt, die, fucking …. it is hilarious.

      • We are a dysfunctional family here, and kimmykimkim was here first, so in essence her troll sucks. I agree, her troll is funny, which is why they should just come up with their own name and be funny with us.

      • Billebuoy

        Perfectly stated. We must stand united so we can totally bash, destroy, put down, and rip all others to shreds.
        Now back to the princess working her blow magic with her royal wretched teeth.

  13. It’s always a surprise when the Prince turns on her remote controlled vibrating panties!

  14. Gin&Tonic

    okay, she can be sorta hot, whatever. but I’m sick to death of hearing the constant “is she prgnant?” BS. seriously, why the fuck do people care? these are regular, wealthy as shit jack-offs who aren’t even really interesting

  15. JennywithaY

    She’s just doing her best Bieber impression.

  16. She heard the bell chimes hit 4 for High Tea and immediately assumed the position she was taught.

  17. me

    Planet of the Apes: Royal Edition

  18. Little Tongue

    Is it just me but whatever it is she’s holding seems to have the picture of a vulva printed on it.

  19. Bionic_Crouton


    “Yeah…that smell is here all the time. Try not to breathe through your nose.”

  20. Seen here after her charity luncheon engagement with Hillary Duff is Lady Middleton.

  21. Oz Matters

    Same feeling I get after having the Murtabak at the Zam Zam restaurant in the Arab Street District. Its fantastic but whoa.

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