1. Mr. Poop

    she seems to be missing part of her dress

  2. lala

    I’d be off balance too, if I had 50lbs of boobs. You’d think the 50lbs in her butt would even it out though.

  3. Looking pretty flabulous.

  4. your mom

    Jesus christ, someone give the woman a hand. Those bags are heavy!

  5. Seriously?!

    She looks like she has to fart. The silicone from her ass is gonna be a bitch to clean up…


  7. Cock Dr

    That she even has a pair of flat shoes greatly surprises me.
    That she would go out in public wearing them is even more shocking.

  8. Inner Retard

    She kept escaping so the zoo had to put up a “Secure gate” sign. But they left off “Do not feed the gorilla.”

  9. That sign near her head is just code for having safer sex with her.

  10. Is that wise to let her carry her own leash?

  11. cc

    Not heard, a trombone-like fart.

  12. I see Ice T escaped again. Next thing we know she’ll be dangling chicken wings from her ass crack to lure him back to the den

  13. lily

    those tits are disgusting….but atleast she’s coving up the rest of her cellulite ridden old lady bod

  14. Joe

    No, no, I don’t want my outfit to show any more ankle. That would be inappropriate.

  15. cagster

    Shouldn’t that sign be on the outside of the cage?

  16. kittenmittensmascotmeow

    Oh no its escaped :O

  17. She just sharted.

  18. I want to make her climb that chain link fence.

  19. BB

    If she’d be wearing high heels – she’d topple over!

  20. tlmck

    Practicing for Mardi Gras?

  21. Crissy


  22. Pine Table Fever

    Coco is in New York, but her tits are in Florida.

  23. journalschism

    That ‘gate’ hasn’t been secure since middle school, I’m sure.

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