1. USDA Prime McBeef

    From Kim’s Belted Galloway collection, available exclusively at Sears.


  2. Mr. Poop

    is she smuggling something in her diaper?

  3. it had to be said

    Dammit, put a mirror by the door, Kardashian.

  4. biff


  5. Curtains on an ass? What is she? “Cirque de Pee”?

  6. hijkmno

    1. If you need to have an extra panel put in your dress, you shouldn’t wear it.

    2. Those boots make you look like a fucking Clydesdale, but not as pretty.

    • JC

      Regarding 2, I think she’d do well pulling a beer wagon through county fairs. I’d be honored to throw firecrackers at her hooves.

  7. Jade

    Is that a potato falling out of your ass, or are you just happy to see me?

  8. If Luke can just fly inbetween the legs of that thing, and deploy his tow cables, he can bring that AT-AT Walker down

  9. Inner Retard

    Better not have her and Jessica Simpson on the same flight. Not even a 747 Large Cargo could lift that much ass.

  10. B&WMinstrel

    Calling all ‘shoppers.

  11. Cock Dr


  12. Contusion


  13. cc

    Where’s the good Dr. McBeef…seriously, what the fuck is under the skin of her ass, is it congealed fat?

  14. Gin&Tonic

    that back zipper had no chance at all. no chance

  15. Her ass has an ass!

  16. gillian

    her back fat has back fat

  17. This is what happens when the stitching isn’t military grade.

  18. EricLr

    Worst thing to ever happen in an airport on 9-11.

  19. Jack Ketch

    MOO … Kim and her uncircumcised boots.

  20. Pip pip cheery-o

    Ass-vacuum: Occurs when the mass of a person’s ass is so great that clothing becomes sucked between the cheeks with each step. See photo for example.

  21. Three TSA Agents filed a grievance today after they were ordered to perform a supplemental hand search on a suspected member of the notorious “Cats in a Burlap Sack” smuggling ring.

  22. Blech

    How many pairs of those boots does she have?

  23. BB

    When she’s told to haul her ass she has to make two trips…

  24. I have to take off my hat when I go through a metal detector because I might be smuggling something dangerous under it, but I’ll bet she doesn’t have to lift her skirt, even though there’s a lot more—a lot more—inside there you can hide than could fit under my hat. TSA rules totally make sense.

  25. donkeylicks

    It’s true that wearing black can make you appear to be more slim. However, it can also be said that wearing white can also add.. oh … never mind.. Dammit Kim!

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