1. Cock Dr

    When’s the wedding?

  2. Eddie Hitler

    “Ah wash mahself with a rag on a stick. Wesley, get mama’s pryin’ bar….”

    • Jessica

      I don’ know why they call this airport LAX, it’s seems to have everythin’ a person could possibly want…

  3. I know she’s big and all but anyone want to join me in sayin you wouldn’t mind finding a fold to poke it in?
    Come on… Someone besides me has to want to slap those fun bags around…

  4. When are all of the other babies going to finally come out?

  5. cc

    When she arrived at the airport that had one of those guys with the orange flashlights waving her in.

  6. I wasn’t checking out her spacios cleavage at all. What ring with a big blue stone? I didn’t see no ring.

  7. ahyeahboy

    has anyone seen my roadmap? wait a sec…it’s on Jessica’s chest! weird but I think if you follow highway 69 (blue line) to highway 99 (blue line) you’ll find yourself suffocating in the abyss.

  8. You’d be smiling too if you finally got to take off that NASA/Weight-Watchers corset.

  9. Not sure which is more distracting; the chin cleavage or boob cleavage?!

  10. Happy_Evil_Dude

    So I’m guessing she packed those 40 pounds right back on, huh?

  11. Racer X

    I’d suck those milk juggs.

  12. Frank Burns

    She’s now made up entirely of circles.

  13. lily

    still lookin fat and pregnant

  14. vgrly

    40 pounds my ass. I didn’t even gain 40 pounds during my pregancy and she’s claiming she’s dropped that much and then some?

  15. tlmck

    Something tells me they had to recalculate the fuel for that flight.

  16. Haddo01

    Bigger hair and bigger sunglasses do not make you look smaller, Jessica.

    • jerseygirl71

      Hah! I was thinking that the fat fucking retard thinks she’s fooling everyone with the ginomous purse to distract from her fat fucking ass. She’s probably got a whole 15 lb. ham in there as a light snack for her flight.

  17. Jack Ketch

    MOO, I say. Cover them up. Letting your tits hang out like that … classy. Ug.

  18. anonym

    as fat as she is, i want to slide my cock between those

  19. My mother-in-law took one look at Jessica’s outfit, and is heading down to the precinct right now. She has identified a suspect in the rape of her couch.

  20. coyote

    You made a Big Mistake – Nobody Missed Jessica

  21. I’m starting to figure out the biology of this whole thing. Her tits simply take all of the available blood in her body leaving none for any functions above them.

  22. Joaquin ingles

    I just saw her stupid commercial. Did she recently have a stroke or something? Dentures?

  23. amir

    I imagine her smelling like bacon.

  24. Snooki’s boobs got big.

  25. I bet she still is shocked she didn’t give birth to the world’s first 70 pound fetus. I mean, she said she didn’t understand that the weight didn’t just come off with the baby. Really, Jessica? REALLY?

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