1. Mall store! Woo! Wait, what?

  2. A MUCH more successful venture than the “Fedora Yurt”

  3. Damn, what a whooty…

  4. EricLR

    Amazing that they were able to fit a red carpet in such a small place.

  5. Barak

    Beautiful young girl # 49,001 turned into a total whore by Sex in the City.

  6. gary coleman's ghost

    Where did that ass come from? Just sneaked up on us.

  7. cc

    ‘at the grand opening of Sunglass Hut’s’


  8. martina

    Whoa, what a luscious ass
    Maybe I should watch that show?

  9. Stupid pose. And no sunglasses.

  10. Mista Snazzy

    Damn it. Another beautiful white woman with a luscious booty that I must fall in love with!!!

  11. Robb7

    That ass would look better on longer stems — just saying.

  12. Wow, so if you open up a sunglass hut, hot celebrity chicks will show up and let you take pictures of their asses? How much do those franchises cost?

  13. I have to ask again, if she had an ass like that, how is it that I only hear about her in TCWM?

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