1. EricLR

    He just spotted Lee Van Cleef in the distance.

  2. Is it a good thing to look like a young Phil Collins?

  3. “I coulda’ been somebody, instead of bum. Which is what I am! Face it, Charlie!”

    “Lovely, Mr. Law. But you do understand this is an audition for the Afflac duck… Right?”

  4. “Tonight tonight tonight, hold on”

  5. whatever

    he made it abundantly clear he is a CHARACTER actor, and intends to work for many years to come
    how he made that clear is he gives not a SHITE about his appearance, his balding, ageing self
    with just a little care he could still look young and pretty, but he doesn’t give a damn

  6. “Why are you asking me when is Genesis getting back together?… Why the fuck would I know that?

  7. “I’ll fuck you, little nanny!”

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