1. joe

    Inbred royals taking advice from a man in a dress. What could go wrong here?

  2. Melted Fist

    They’re probably talking about the first thing that “pops up”?

  3. 0uroboros

    That would be Prince William, the next next King, not Charles.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    It doesn’t have to be today, but since Nana and Dad will both be here and you’ve already got that hole in the ground…

  5. “That’s right, you bastard. We remember EVERYTHING. Now unbutton that cassock and let Harry have the first go. He’s missed you dearly.”

  6. So, this not a wedding picture? Because I thought it was a wedding picture and I was like ewww, incest.

  7. William – “And what do you do?”

  8. Hugh Van Cutsem ?

    It sounds like National Lampoon is making horror movies now.

  9. EricLR

    Would God mind awfully if my brother came dressed as a Nazi?

  10. I now pronounce you “gay” and “bald.”

  11. Pablo

    Harry looks a bit worried about being next up for confession.

  12. “You know, the POPE doesn’t dress like a pufda.”

  13. Sorry but you boys will have to leave…much too old for my taste. Carry on.

  14. “Do you William, take this man…”

  15. “What the hell is on your head?”

  16. “I don’t care if it is a family tradition! Wife swapping and beheadings are frowned upon in the church!”

  17. “Keep your hands off my son!”

  18. “How much if I just rent the vestments for Halloween night?”

  19. Hugh Cutsem the cheese man ?

  20. They are cute princes.

  21. William looks a lot mature than he used to. And he looks like a royal offspring. Really good.

  22. Harry and William were then told it was party dress invitation only.

  23. “Mawwiage…”

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