1. Melted Fist

    He looks like he smells like expired mouldy cheese.

  2. Well the pumpkin doesn’t fall far from the pumpkin tree?

  3. Although he suspected his wife of cheating, it soon became clear that a blood test was not necessary.

  4. Sardonic

    “Dad, it’s only 2 blocks to the gym, why are you sweating already?”

  5. EricLR

    I’d be pretty pissed at my dad if he passed on that body to me too.

  6. If you’re sweating that much, maybe you should take off the jacket.

  7. Normally, I’d say they’re coming from the gym, but…

  8. Those pants are TAD too short for that kid! cant his parents afford him a pair of new pants?

  9. oh dear. can’t bring myself to crack on a kid. but, oh dear.

  10. catapostrophe

    Why’s the photo horizontally flipped? Is this an unauthorized bootleg of the real photo?

  11. It’s so hot in NYC…*how hot is it?!*… It’s so hot in NYC, that I thought this photo of Phillip Seymour Hoffman was Louis Anderson.

  12. Shorts or long pants, commit to one kid.

  13. Mr. Virginia Tech

    Fat adult, that’s a life choice. Fat kid, that’s horrible parenting.

  14. mf

    .0001 seconds of sweat after this lib-tard finds out that OBAMA=BUSH and that the Nobel Peace Prize is given to warmongers as a feel good measure.

  15. cc

    When does sweating technically become melting?

  16. “Anymore questions about the heroin relapse now, dickweeds?”

  17. I’m going on a diet starting NOW. Thank you, PSH.

  18. “Dad! Race you to the buffet!”
    “Son, Hoffman men don’t exercise. Unless it’s exercising their right not to exercise.”

  19. “Wow dad! You are sweating a lot! What should I do if you pass out?”

  20. Oh, I see great deals in their future if they don’t lose their punchcard. Buy 3 angioplasties, get one free.

  21. “Hey dad why do I have to wear your old shoes and clothes ?”

  22. Dad. The kids at school say i have cankles. What are cankles?

  23. That poor woman had to have burned her ass on the ceiling light to get knocked up by him.

  24. Truk

    “I’d like to have Tyranosaurus Rex arms like you some day, Dad”

    “Thank god we’re rich, Son”

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