1. Melted Fist

    Why does the great Robert De Niro have this clown in some of his recent movies? Trying to ruin his legacy?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I know you thought I was joking, but seriously…

    Hand over your wallet.

  3. “We had a great time shooting this film together. In fact, Half Dollar and I have become close friends, close friends.”

  4. “…and he said ’50 Cent’, which I thought was a great price for a shoe shine. Well, it was an awkward moment, but we get along great now”

  5. EricLR

    And that’s the first time 50-Cent ever got a taxi driver to stop for him.

  6. 50 cent.
    thats a little bit.
    - little bit.
    a very little bit.
    veery little bit.

  7. There’s only one real gangster in this picture

  8. fred

    “Hey, I know you, kid. I think I fucked your mother.”

  9. crb

    “Yeah, yeah kid. So you got shot 8 times and survived, so what. You wanna make it permanent, call me Greg Focker again. I know some guys who know some guys…”

  10. Hung Lo

    “You know I like, make that love the blacks. I marry them even !”

  11. So DeNiro gives the sales clerk a five dollar bill for a pack of smokes that cost $4.50. He asks the girl where his change is and she says, “Why, here he is now!”

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