1. If she doesn’t have her tongue hanging out, does she exist?

  2. deisree

    that’s the flattest a** ever

  3. Bpsoup

    I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with the stuff she wears if it either fit her a little better or she filled it out more.

  4. Jaw cracking YAWN.

  5. I was hoping this was Wilson Phillips

  6. She needs to lick a electric fence.

  7. amir

    That’s unfortunate.

  8. HannahMontana is a slut

    When did Lady GaGa shave her head?

  9. heey

    why exactly is she being followed around? what exactly is she doing right now that needs attention? there is nothing going on in her life that warrants constant media attention, get back to us when she RELEASES an album, or does a TV show, she is just a waste of space, hopping around to get attention for nothing new, nothing at all

  10. martina

    Selena needs to strap it on and teach her a lesson

  11. Please stay there.

  12. That’s a great flat ass.

  13. Robb7

    The ass of a 80 year old — man.

  14. jua

    el culo te lo debo jajaja donde esta?

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