1. I’ll be in my bunk.

  2. Look out Christina! The albino villain from every 80′s action movie is behind you!

  3. SIN

    Sorry, but big tits we never see can’t make up for the rest of her body.

  4. Sardonic

    She smiled on the descent when she realized there was in fact a runaway lane just in case her brakes overheated.

  5. I think Mythbusters has it’s next and greatest episode right here: What if she fell forwards…

  6. Pablo

    The “Got Milk” people are really upping their marketing strategy.

  7. I just want her to be my wet nurse while she tells me tales of the “Firefly” on-set antics.

  8. Bpsoup

    I love her breasts, but that is really not a flattering outfit. If it didn’t look like she had saggy armpits, it would look amazing.

  9. She’s looking nothing but frumpy lately. Start interviewing new stylists STAT woman.

  10. What the hell was Jerry Brown doing there?

  11. Cock Dr

    I don’t much care for the dress by I do understand why they gave the chest area so much fabric yardage.

  12. amir

    She has the sloppiest body, I don’t get it.

  13. crb

    She really has to freaking kill the person doing her clothes lately.

    First the eggplant-tits red dress, now “Starry Night”, by Vincent Van HugeBalls.

  14. heey

    dresses like that are for women with barely anything at all in the boob department, to show off/hint at through the gap in the dress,
    giant boobs need a V-cut top, makes giants look less giant too

  15. You can almost hear the tympani drum as she walks.

  16. “Hello, Christina. I see you brought my favorite ear warmers.”

  17. some black dude

    her skin is like milk. she so so sexy

  18. Nana, look out behind you! It’s the security guy from the buffet, and I think he knows you’ve filled your purse with bacon again!

  19. anonymous

    The dress designer should be shot. Who designs a dress where material covering the boobs is floppy and sags?

  20. Mama Pinkus

    she is GROSS

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