1. Penn: “And now. Can you feel it now?”
    Dakota: “Yes. God, what is that?”
    Penn: “It’s Penn’s peen.”
    Dakota: “I hate my agent.”

  2. EricLR

    She’s like Dakota Fanning, only dirtier and wearing adult clothing.

  3. Joe Blow

    “Wait, why is the seat back here called the bitch seat?”

    “Shut up, bitch!”

    “Oh… I see.”

  4. Now THAT’s the face of soccer mom Porn!!

  5. ruckus

    Glee made a ‘Terminator 2′ video?

  6. cc

    I liked it more when she was making me think of Arby’s.

  7. martina

    look at it this way – at least he’s not wearing a hat

  8. I see she already started wearing One Shade of Grey.

  9. “Please hurry! My fifteen minutes are almost up!”

  10. “Dakota…Can I be in your next movie?”
    “Sure. Just buy a ticket like everyone else.”

  11. This looks like a contest to see which one can go the longest without bathing.

  12. “Is this the scene where I pull your pubes?”

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