1. PtC

    I thought it was Snookie

  2. Everybody’s got the wrong fuckin’ hats, again.

  3. Trucker Hat day in LA.
    Even after Googling her I still have no idea who this is, sorry.

  4. deisree


  5. Bpsoup

    Middle name “not,” am I right? High five?

  6. fred

    “That motha fucka Tre. “I love you baby” he said. “I’ma gonna give you dis hat ’cause I love you so much, baby.”

    I shoulda known he was lyin soon as he opened his motha fucka mouth.”

  7. Ugliest hats ever, only fucktards wear those things.

  8. It’s all good.

  9. Robb7

    Like they need the low life label wearing those hats.

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