1. Nothing sexier than this. A crisp, perfectly ironed shirt makes a man feel like a man!

  2. Why is she IRONING IN THE BATHROOM??? Can’t you do ANYTHING right!!! (raises backhand…)

    Hey, if we’re going to harken back to the good old days, let’s keep it consistent.

  3. Pablo

    This picture demonstrates everything the Real Houswives shows aren’t doing right.

  4. EricLR

    She’s not only sexy, she’s also prepared to defend herself against George Zimmerman.

  5. deisree


  6. Let’s be honest, she has no idea what that gizmo she’s holding is for.

  7. “It seems like an effective idea, but don’t you think Ms. McCarthy will just get dreadful burns?”

  8. cc

    Ms Bardot did it first..but second time round is just as good.

  9. “I’m making grilled cheese sandwiches… Do you want one?”

  10. Pikacu

    How much would it cost to have this at home?

  11. She is the perfect woman.

  12. SimoneDeB

    “These are the reasons why I don’t have to do this”

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