1. Melted Fist

    Picture the smell of his death breath.

  2. Clark Kent
    Bradley Whitford
    Clark Kent
    Bradley Whitford

  3. EricLR

    Wow, until he took the glasses off, I never realized Bradley was SuperJew!

  4. He’s doing his best Tarantino “I just saw a barefoot woman” impression…

  5. Not since Josef Mengele’s lab assist Nicki donned a skin-tight SS trench coat, has medical ignorance and quackery looked so good.

  6. Business….ethics

  7. CrashHell

    Extenuating, “exschmenuating”. We had a deal. A signed, written deal. Each grade, two weeks, or I get the company.

  8. red john

    tiger tiger burning bright…

  9. “Good heavens, Miss Akimoto! You’re beautiful!”

  10. Is it just me, or has he aged about 50 years in the last 5?

  11. inky

    who will help me destroy Billy Madison?

  12. Whatever he’s saying, looks like he’s doing it in a Droopy voice.

  13. SimoneDeB


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