1. joe

    I hope I get a vote on that proposition.

  2. Melted Fist


  3. Sadly, moments later, she was corralled by Japanese tourists and harpooned to death.

  4. We’d…uh…rather you wore fur. LOTS and lots of fur.

  5. In a bold countermeasure, the fur industry rolls out it’s controversial, but convincing, marketing campaign

  6. Smapdi

    Well she kind of succeeded – I lost my appetite after seeing that photo.

  7. Codot

    I’m gonna have to club so many seals to get that image out of my head.

  8. Yeah. I’d saddle it up. And so would all of you bastards.

  9. I dont want to ruin it for all, but just for one second imagine that you are looking at the AFTER shot, post Photoshop magic.

    Yeah, I know.

  10. I’d rather go blind…

  11. Just name the amount! I’ll send a check to PETA to stop you.

  12. well yeah, put a fur on that & someone’ll shoot it or ship it off to Jellystone Park.

  13. and this in no way saves any animals. PETA is stupid.

  14. fred

    Okay, okay, I won’t wear fur! Just please never show me that picture again.

  15. Just think: those cankles ARE ‘shopped

  16. Several thousand grizzly bears have graciously offered to volunteer their pelts in order for this to never ever be seen again

  17. Dick Nose

    So just because she doesn’t want to wear fur I have to be forced to look at her fat ass

  18. Mr. Virginia Tech

    Yes, she is a tad rubenesque but the sad thing is she is also dumb as a post.

  19. rican

    I’m sure they ran out of photoshop a few times on that one.

    • crb


      I was thinking earlier, “WTFF?! I thought Adobe Creative Cloud was hosted on a freaking industrial-strength application server the size of an aircraft carrier in Northern Virginia.”

      -Make sense now, thx.

  20. lawn

    I presume she’s famous in England or something.

  21. whatever

    the beads don’t show much love for animals, since those little water animals are farmed and forced to grow beads, then cracked open and bead stolen, NEXT

  22. It’s Photoshopped alright. They removed the apple from her mouth.

  23. “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.” – Sasquatch for PETA

  24. “Glaze Belongs on Doughnuts, Not Animals!” – Gemma Collins for PETA

  25. as an animal lover I say “wear fur! Can I interest you in a floor sweeping mink? Wear fur dammit!”

  26. Give it up Paula Deen.

  27. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    She won’t wear the fur, but she’ll eat everything it encases.

  28. I’m gonna wear 5 fur coats now.

  29. Allion

    You go naked b/c there is no appropriate size for you.

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